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Music Technology, Audio Technology, Sound Design, R&D & Education.


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acoustiColour crossing borders, connecting knowledge, ..and getting inspired by art & science.

Because music is art & sound science, in 1988 acoustiColour is founded by musictechnologist (multidisciplined & certified: electronics-, acoustics-, audio-, recording-, mix-, mastering engineer, composer, sound designer) and teaching musician Marcel Wardenier.

(Call +31 6 26 46 20 88 or email me).

(...who is also having problems with beliefs and much prefers to let physics do the talking! (John Watkinson on Slaying Dragons)).

Project Software Downloads:

Inspired by some of the most groundbreaking innovative audio pioneers/gurus acoustiColour created bootable CD/USB/VM images with clean builds of a hardened Debian Server for experimental dedicated realtime DSP Low-Latency JACK Audio Server Applications.

Disclaimer: as is, because this is work in progress.. (Altough functioning 99.99% stable in my audiolab 24/7!)
Please: don't forget to check out the tutorials & RTFM's!!

(And if you do read them, you'll notice how easy the concept is ported to other hardware platforms ☺!!)

(...acoustiColour simply loves the power of Open Source Software and Debian installed on a nowadays old useless-, but relatively silent Mac Mini 2,1+. Easily 'build' your own DSP power house running 16/24 bits 44.1/48/(96*) kHz., syncing on WC via S/PDIF signal using one of these instant functioning DSP bootable disk images.

(*) Dependent on production date of Mac Mini 2,1+


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At the heart of the Debian's philosophy (including Debian based distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint) is the belief that computing is for everyone, whatever your circumstances (or disability). Debian/Ubuntu (Linux Mint) is one of the most accessible operating systems and is fully translated into 25 languages with more being added all the time.

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